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Run a command after optionally replacing some variables. This step is here to cover the infinite things you might want to do that Knope doesn’t yet know how to do itself. If you have a lot of these steps or a complex command, you might want to run a script in something like Bash or Python, then call that script with a command.


If the current version for your project is 1.0.0, the following workflow step will run the git command with the arguments tag and v.version.

type = "Command"
command = "git tag v.version"
variables = {"version" = "Version"}


The variables attribute of this step is an object where the key is the string you wish to substitute and the value is one of the available variables. Take care when selecting a key to replace as Knope will replace any matching string that it finds. Replacements occur in the order they’re declared in the config, so Knope may replace earlier substitutions with later ones.

Shell mode

By default, Knope splits commands into the executable name and its arguments, and calls the executable directly. This works around common issues with Windows shells, particularly when quoting arguments. However, you may want to use your current shell to run the command, for example to access environment variables or to use shell features like pipes or redirection. You can do this by setting shell=true in the step configuration.

type = "Command"
command = "echo $AN_ENV_VAR && echo $ANOTHER_ENV_VAR"
shell = true