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This step:

  1. Looks through all commits since the last version tags and parses any Conventional Commits it finds.
  2. Reads any Changesets in the .changeset folder (which you can create via CreateChangeFile). Knope deletes those files after reading them.
  3. Bumps the semantic version of any packages that have changed.
  4. Adds a new entry to any affected changelog files.
  5. Stages all files modified by this step with Git (effectively, git add <file> for versioned files, changelogs, and changesets). This step doesn’t commit the changes.

When multiple packages are configured—PrepareRelease runs for each package independently. The version tag for that package will be the starting point.



The reasons this can fail:

  1. Knope couldn’t bump the version.
  2. The packages section isn’t configured correctly.
  3. There was nothing to release and allow_empty wasn’t set to true. In this case it exits immediately so that there aren’t problems with later steps.