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You can customize some steps with variables—pieces of context that Knope can substitute into strings. You configure variables with both the string to replace and the name of the variable that will replace it. For example, if you wanted to insert the current package version into a command, you might use a {"version": "Version"} variable config. This would replace any instance of the string version with Version. If you wanted a bash-like syntax, you might use {"$version": "Version"} instead—pick whatever works best for you.


Version will try to parse the current package version.


ChangelogEntry is the content of the changelog (if any) for the version in the Version variable.


IssueBranch will produce the same branch name that the SwitchBranches step would produce. You must have already selected an issue in this workflow using SelectJiraIssue, SelectGitHubIssue, or SelectIssueFromBranch before using this variable.