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Data Collection and Privacy

Knope Bot collects and stores data for a few reasons:

  1. Caching for improved performance (and to obey GitHub’s rate limits). This data is discarded as soon as it’s no longer useful. Some examples:
    1. Information about an installation (generally, the relationship between an organization and this app) is discarded when the app is uninstalled.
    2. Pull request details are deleted when the pull request is closed or the associated installation is uninstalled.
  2. Delaying webhook processing to meet GitHub’s API limits. Entire webhook payloads may be stored until they’re processed (generally within a few minutes).
  3. Logs to aid with debugging, deleted within 2 weeks.
  4. Error reports and performance metrics sent to Sentry, which retains them for 90 days. This is based on the best answer in their forums and doesn’t appear to be configurable.

Knope Bot does not collect, store, or share data for any marketing or advertising purposes.